Don't Be SCAMMED!!!

30 years ago the Locksmith trade was one in which many of the greatest locksmiths took pride in.  Locksmiths were trusted because of there knowledge, and skills.  Just like the years past, Today there are still many well trusted and highly experienced Locksmiths around the world.

There is also a new breed of Locksmiths, Locksmiths who are referred to as YouTube Locksmiths.  These Locksmiths have no formal training or experienced skill levels when it comes to providing Locksmith Services in a manner in which prevents damage to your Keys, Locks, and Safes.  Their only training comes from watching hack job videos on YouTube, or online which provide destructive ways to open or bypass locks.  A lot of times they don't even have access to the proper tools which are only sold to State Licensed Locksmiths.

Along with YouTube Locksmiths, we have a rise in Scammers popping up by the masses all over the country.  These Scammers also lack any Skilled Locksmith Training, and a lot of times tend to use Bait-and-Switch pricing to capture the attention of a customer who is looking to save a dollar.  At the completion of the job the Scammer  will then make up an excuse as to why the job added up to be almost 3-4 times the original amount.  They will also go as far as to threaten to call the police if the customer argues about paying the bill.

Urban Lockwerx has built a business on honesty and reputation.  We also understand that there are times when customers just can not wait for service when we are unavailable at the time the customer is needing service.

Below you will find the contact information for other local Oklahoma City Locksmith Companies who are reputable, as well as knowledgeable in the Art and Skills of Professional Locksmiths.  Urban Lockwerx has no other affiliation with these companies, the companies are listed only as a resource to you, and to help prevent you from becoming a victim to Scammer  Companiesand the less skilled YouTube Locksmiths.

Lakeside Safe & Lock

7727 N. May Ave

Oklahoma City, OK


OK License : 1172

Mayfair Key & Lock Shop

2628 W I-44 Service Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73112


OK License : 1074

Lockworks OKC

Mobile Automotive Locksmith

Oklahoma City, OK


OK License : 1846

Northwest Lock & Key Service

Mobile Locksmith Service

Oklahoma City, OK



Rogers Safe & Lock

906 NW 5th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73106


OK License : 1120

Ed Humes Locksmith

307 W. 2nd Street

Edmond, OK 73003


OK License : 1078

Don’s Mobil Lock Shop

323 E Daws

Norman, OK 73069


OK License : 1295